Affiliate Program

1. Do I have to run a ladyboy or shemale site to join your affiliate program?

No! If you are a webmaster or webmistress running any adult website(s), you can sign up! Of course, the more related your site is to our niche market, the higher the chances for potentials member to sign up on our site, which you get 50%, including reoccuring!

2. How much money can I expect to make?

The sky's the limit! If your promote your website well, and have the traffic that is complimentary to our niche market, then you can expect to make an unlimited amount of $$$. Some adult webmasters earn upwards of $100,000 per month! We promise to do our part. And, our members are loyal! We do all the work, you sit back and collect a check!

3. Who keeps track of all the accounting?

Neither of us. It is completely automated and handled by a third party online processor CCBill. You can even track your income and stats through CCBill's administration interface that we provide you above. CCBill will issue you a check every week! They have never been late on any payments and that is why we use them.

It's that easy! It's that profitable!!! You'll have a constant stream of income for the lifetime of the members you send us....forever!!

4. What sites are prohibited from joining this program?

Sites that contain: Child Pornography, Beastiality, Warez, Passwords, Rape, and acts of violence are strictly prohibited from advertising for us, or using any of our promotional banners and images.

Questions? Email us at:

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** We reserve the right to suspend any accounts without notice found to be violating any of our terms in any way shape or form. We also reserve the right to terminate this program at any time and without notice.